Why Blog Your Way To Your Next Job?

Posted June 14, 2013 in Sonas News

Today’s savvy job seekers are putting their skills to the test and blogging their way to success and job opportunities. Here are some reasons why a blog can get you your next job.

1. It’s your CV, only better: Everyone has a CV. But a blog allows you to highlight the skills on your resume, times ten. For example, if you’re an engineer, you can write about interesting projects you’ve been involved in. Even if you’re a tax accountant, you can write your opinions on some of the new tax laws or add a testimonial from a happy client. Just be sure what you write is accurate and well-supported.

2. It gives you a positive digital footprint: Whenever you apply for a job, the first thing a recruiter will do is investigate you online. Having a blog will give potential employers a fuller (and positive) picture of who you are and how you carry yourself, both personally and professionally. And unlike being tagged in an unflattering — and public — image of yourself on Facebook, your blog contains content that you can completely control to project yourself in the best light possible.

3. It helps you build a network: Employers are not only looking for employees who bring knowledge and a superior skill set to the table, but they also want someone who is well connected. So while you might have 500+ connections on LinkedIn, having a blog that has a dedicated readership shows that you know how to create — and keep — connections, both in the digital world and the real world.

4. It keeps you current — and sharp: If you’ve been scanning and searching the Internet for job postings for a while, it’s easy to let your skills slip a little. Blogging will not only keep your knowledge current, but it will also keep your skills sharp as you create interesting new content for your readers on a consistent basis. It can also help you stand out as a career expert in your industry.

5. It makes you interesting to employers: When hiring managers read resumes every day, it can get really boring, really fast. If you have a blog that represents not only your skills but also (hello!) your personality, that makes you stand out more than the other seekers who submitted their resumes on fine linen watermarked paper. Suddenly, you become a person — and a possible job candidate they’ll call in for an interview.

While not for everyone and it certainly takes time to maintain, blogging will make you stand out from the masses and create that all important positive digital footprint. If you’d liek to try it out here are our Top 3 FREE Blogging hosts:

1. Blogger
2. WordPress
3. Tumblr

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