Jameson planning major revamp of their distillery in Midleton

Posted January 20, 2021 in Sonas News
Jameson are excited to have received planning permission to upgrade their facility in Midleton, Cork.

The location in Cork welcomes people from all around the world and Jameson want to make sure that their tourism product continues to match the high quality whiskeys that they are known for internationally.

The company plans to make upgrades to the site to provide for the future needs of visitors and staff. They have been granted planning permission by Cork County Council for the upgrade of two of the blocks at the site. When construction is underway, the guided tours and experience will temporarily be moved to another part of the site.

So what are the main changes that they are making? The heritage centre will consist of a new reception area, auditorium, bar areas, café, restaurant, retail shop and most importantly of all state of the art whiskey tasting rooms. It will also include some offices, a meeting room, toilets, a lounge area, storage & staff facilities.

The works will take place in line with regulations set out by the county council as the blocks themselves are protected structures. The company are not sure when construction will begin, given the latest lockdown measures but look forward to getting underway as soon as possible.