Five key areas for the Galway Construction Industry

Posted February 7, 2019 in Sonas News

Galway needs to work on five key factors to ensure it continues to prosper – according to one of the world’s leading engineering multi-nationals, in its latest all-island construction industry review.galway

The AECOM Report found that Galway’s construction sector continues to grow – but its infrastructure developments still lagging behind.

Overall, AECOM predicted a growth estimate of 20% for the Irish construction industry for 2019, totalling €24 billion.

And according to Head of Cost Management in AECOM in Galway, Tomás Kelly, that optimism within the building sector will also ensure a solid share for the city and county – provided it meets five critical targets.

He identified these as;

  • an efficient transport system
  • city space that supports a work life balance
  • smarter services
  • quality housing
  • resilient infrastructure to protect against flooding and elements.

“From our own experience and speaking to the industry in Galway, these are the areas we need to focus on to ensure our city continues to grow sustainability into the coming two decades,” he said.

And Mr Kelly warned that it was also key that major projects such as the N6 Galway City Ring Road were progressed.

But he re-iterated that Galway was a key part of Atlantic Economic Corridor to provide a counterbalance to Dublin.

He also pointed to the importance of Foreign Direct Investment nationally – but also specifically for Galway.

Source: Connacht Tribune