Advanced Building Solutions to be delivered in the midlands between 2021-2024

Posted January 12, 2021 in Sonas News
Extensive plans put in place by the IDA on Friday 8th of January to drive investment into the midlands over the next 3 years.

The IDA launched a new strategy to drive recovery and stable growth for the next 3 years. This plan is based upon five pillars which are Growth, Transformation, Regions, Sustainability & impact.

The plan aims to win a total of 800 investments and to create 50,000 jobs by 2024. Approximately 50% of these investments will be targeted at developing regional locations and 19 Advanced Building Solutions are planned for this timeframe.

Supporting the Climate Action plan, the strategy also aims to win 60 sustainability investments in the next 3 years and will support further growth through 300 R&D, Training & innovation investments, enabling the country to get back on its feet in the aftermath of what has been a tough year for everyone.

25 investments are targeted for the midlands with Advanced Building Solutions to be delivered in Athlone, Longford & Mullingar over this 3-year period. There is also plans for an advanced technology building in Tullamore and to upgrade IDA parks in the same areas.

Investments, along with projects like this are welcome news amidst a construction lockdown. We can remain optimistic that we will return to full swing and that there will be plenty of jobs to be filled in the next few years as the IDA start to roll out their plans after lockdown