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Posted December 11, 2013

3 Career Development Tips

Whether you are on the verge of graduating or you have other plans to join (or re-join) the workforce, you need to look for ways to efficiently and effectively develop as a professional. You have to continually improve your strengths…
Posted November 27, 2013

7 Steps to Nailing the Job Interview

7 steps to nailing your next job interview from RadiumOne… Dress for Success The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how…
Posted July 29, 2013

The Irish Times & Sonas – Finding Work in London

Will Norton is founder and managing director of Sonas Recruitment, a recruitment company based in Dublin and London which provides opportunities for professionals in the UK and other international locations. Here, he analyses the jobs market in London and offers advice…
Posted July 5, 2013

A Guide to Doing Business in the UK

The UK has attracted on average 98 new Irish exporters per year between 2008 and 2012. The excellent report below, recently published by Enterprise Ireand, is based on the practical experience and knowledge of highly successful Irish business people who…
Posted June 14, 2013

Why Blog Your Way To Your Next Job?

Today’s savvy job seekers are putting their skills to the test and blogging their way to success and job opportunities. Here are some reasons why a blog can get you your next job. 1. It’s your CV, only better: Everyone has a…
Posted June 12, 2013

Job Hunting Tips: The Social Networking Guide

How can job-hunters use social media to their advantage? Well it’s no lie; social networks are becoming the next big thing when it comes to Recruitment and HR practices. As a Master student, nearing the end of my research in…
Posted June 1, 2013

Born Lucky!

Some good news for the Irish disaphora today that, despite the recession, high levels of emigration and lousy weather, Ireland remains one of the best countries in the world in which to be born, according to a new survey. The…