FAQs – Moving home to Ireland

Posted April 7, 2017 in Sonas News

How busy is the market?

Very busy, as of the end of March ‘17, there were 70 tower cranes standing in Dublin.

In the last 18 months, the rate of growth and demand for skilled construction and engineering professionals has improved dramatically. Construction activity underway in Ireland this year includes large commercial developments, hospitals, data centres, biopharma projects, apartment blocks, student accommodation and mixed-use developments.

What are the big projects in the pipeline?hospital2

Some notable projects are the National Children’s Hospital, Motorway projects, 170km Irish Water pipeline from the Shannon to Dublin, Center Parcs – Longford, Waste Water treatment plants, Office developments in Galway along with many more yet to be announced.

Are there opportunities outside of Dublin?

There are a number of large, medium and small contractors that have projects underway across the length and breadth of the country with notable pockets of activity in Galway and Cork city.

When’s the best time of year to move?

This is completely up to you but have a clear timeline in place. While it is a big move, certainty around your expected arrival in Ireland is key information for Directors and Hiring Managers who have a timeline themselves in terms of staffing requirements. We would generally advise to get in touch with us 2-3 months before arrival and we can get the process started with video or phone interviews.

What salary can I expect?

Salary levels are not at pre crash levels or matching Australian or UK salaries but they are improving and we have seen a marked improved in the first quarter of the year as the market hots up. Here are some examples; Senior QS (Dublin) – €80k package, Senior Engineer (Dublin) – €55k package, Project Manager (Munster) – €70k package, Civils Site Agent (Dublin) – €65k package

Who do you recruit for?

We recruit for eight of the top ten main contractors in Ireland along with specialist sub-contractors, design and cost consultancies and a many small to medium sized regional contractors.

Are companies willing to make offers over Skype?

Yes. Most of our clients will conduct phone and Skype interviews and make offers following on from these conversations. Of course, the ideal scenario for most is that they meet with the candidate and some would say “look at how hard their hands are”, but most understand that it’s not always possible to fly back from Auckland for an interview.

How transferable is my overseas experience?

International experience is a positive on any CV and after the bottom fell out of the market, it’s expected that the majority of construction and engineering professionals have had to go overseas in search of employment. From our dealings with candidates who have repatriated and from feedback from the employers, most have noted that their experience abroad stood to them.

question-markHow can I improve my CV?

Keep it to two pages if possible making sure to include a brief intro, education, experience & hobbies/other interests in a clear and concise manner.

International experience is a positive on any CV but make sure it is clearly understood by a hiring manager in Ireland. Given their limited knowledge of overseas companies, we’d suggest clearly stating the type of employer you worked with, whether that be a main or sub-contractor or consultancy. Links to the websites of these companies can be very useful too.

Another tip we think you should note is that there is no need to highlight the value of very large projects that you’ve worked on, keep your CV in line with the market in Ireland in terms of relevant information.

Any other questions?

Should you be thinking about a move home in the near future or over the coming months, feel free to get in touch with Paul, our overseas consultant to discuss potential opportunities. Here is a link to his LinkedIn profile -> www.linkedin.com/in/paulcaulfield5